Dream Point Ranch
180 acres of wooded mountaintop give your wedding the beauty only nature can provide.
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Read about the latest weddings and special events at the Venue in Tulsa County's Dream Point Ranch. 

Kirk George Wedding

I find myself torn between wanting to see weddings in this space push technical and traditional boundaries and letting myself get lost in tried and true beauty. Madison and Craig's wedding was the epitome of traditional glamor and it was absolutely stunning. 

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Sarah Coffin
Tulsa Wedding Society Styled Shoot

I joined the Tulsa Wedding Society when we were still under construction and have enjoyed getting to know the professionals within this organization. These are peers in the wedding industry and not only have I loved working with them, I have truly enjoyed their friendship during our first year.

Earlier this year, we decided to showcase the talent of the members of the organization having a Member Showcase and Open House here at Dream Point Ranch and also by doing 3 different styled shoots. The first one was here at Dream Point Ranch and it is stunning. 

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Sarah Coffin
Webber Abel Wedding

We knew when we built this wedding venue that it would house some of the best days in people's lives. This wedding was no exception! The best vendors were hired for this wedding and it resulted in the best. party. ever. Our goal was to build a big enough building so larger weddings would have somewhere to go in the Tulsa area that is both breathtaking and fun.

Madison and Connor had 315 guests at their wedding and we were able to easily give them a gorgeous space for an outdoor ceremony and indoor reception. The colors Madison chose were gorgeous and definitely indicative of a beautiful spring wedding. 

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Sarah Coffin
Phipps Casillas Wedding

We have some sweet back story on this wedding. Jason and I have known the bride's mom and dad, Janet and Paul, for about 12 years and have been able to live life together for a long time. We were privileged to be able to play a part in their wedding an thrilled to be able to hold their wedding and following celebration.  

One of the reasons we created this venue was to hold larger weddings and Brooks and Austin's wedding was the perfect inauguration into the almost 400 guest range. We held 375 guests for her outdoor ceremony and indoor reception.

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Sarah Coffin
Wild Emerald Styled Shoot

Oh the amount of talent of the wedding pros in Tulsa is amazing, to say the least. I love doing things out of the ordinary, finding new ways to experience normal treasures and thinking outside of the box. 

This styled shoot was all that and more. 

A beautiful twist on the modern bride was paired so beautifully with organic elements including loads of greenery, wood, fruits and veggies, florals to die for, and a jumpsuit.

And it was stunning.

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Elegant and Luxurious Styled Shoot with Blair Schluter Photography

When we decided to open a wedding venue, I thought we would be an island in the sea of wedding vendors. Our reality couldn't be further from the truth! We have been blessed with fantastic relationships with some of the BEST wedding professionals. 

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Romantic Styled Shoot with Keely Ross Photography

Sometimes when you look at pictures, do you feel like they are conveying so much emotion that you are invading in their personal space? That's how I feel when I look back over these images from Keely Ross Photography


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Harwood Mefford Wedding

Chelsea and Jonathan were the first couple to get married on our mountain-top view and have their reception in the Venue. With just a few short months to plan, they pulled off an amazing wedding in our big, beautiful barn that was almost nearly finished. They both remained gracious and very updated about our progress and were a dream every step of the way.

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Winter Styled Shoot with Emily Burney Photography

We had the best time doing a styled shoot with Emily Burney Photography. It is perfect for this time of year as evergreens and rich, deep colors really popped in the interior space in this big, beautiful barn. What a beautiful time of year!

I love getting to see different styles start to blossom in the space and these vendors were incredibly skilled and a thrill to work with! Enjoy. 

We were able to have videography from Willow Narrative, and have included a link to their beautiful video as well. 

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Aeriel Footage of Tulsa County's Newest Wedding Venue

I was honored to have John Bunn with Redeemed Productions out here for a site visit. I really love talking shop with other entrepreneurs and it was so much fun to be able to connect with him about our work and service to our clients. If you haven't had a chance to work with John, I highly suggest connecting with him!

While he was here, he sent the drone up and took some aerial pictures of the Venue - Y'all! His blog from his visit is up on Redeemed's website. 

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Styled Shoot for Tulsa County's Newest Wedding Venue

he images from the first styled shoot at Dream Point Ranch are here and simply breathtaking! I couldn't be happier with these beautiful photographs and had the best time working with each of these vendors.

When we decided to share our beautiful land and open a wedding venue, we had no idea what the response would be from the established wedding community here in Tulsa. Well, I can tell you, the response and feedback has been amazing. We wanted to build this wedding venue to meet the needs of the vendors in Tulsa, so they would enjoy coming out here to work. And when the vendors are happy, the brides are happy! 

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Hazel and Haze Photography Day After Session

I was thrilled to meet Angela with Hazel and Haze Photography last month when she came out for a couple of different photography sessions here at the Ranch!

Dream Point Ranch offers two different options for those interested in having pretty spectacular views for their special photography sessions. Photographers can purchase photography passes for $75 for access for 2 hours in a one day pass, or $300 for 1 month pass.  

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Construction Pricing

We are pinching ourselves over here at Dream Point Ranch. We knew this was one of the most beautiful places in Tulsa County. We knew we wanted to share it with others, and were affirmed with the amazingly positive response from the wedding community. To top it off, we had brides and their families that could see the vision with us and believed in it (and the views!) so much they dove in head first with us. 

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Finished Plans and Big Dreams for one of Tulsa Area's Newest Wedding Venues

The plans are finalized, the builder is set, ground is prepared to be broken and weddings and events are being planned. 

Dream Point Ranch is going to boast over 6,100 square feet of beautifully designed and curated facilities that are a dream for any wedding or event. Think white walls, rich dark wood beam accents, glass doors and windows with black frames opening up to vast, lush greenery and the feeling of ultimate luxury and privacy. The perfect mix of traditional and contemporary just waiting for you to walk in and breathe and enjoy your day.

With 4,400 square feet of open event space, this beautiful venue can hold 600 total guests. Go ahead. Re-read that sentence. Let it sink in. Okay, I know what you're thinking...

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Architect and Draftsman Meeting for the New Wedding Venue

This morning we are prepping for our meeting with the architect and draftsman for the Venue at Dream Point Ranch. 

You guys, this is actually a thing! We are starting to get everything prepped and just need the final details mapped out so the builder can start on this 5,400 square foot barn made specifically for weddings and events.

We have spent the last few weeks clearing the land, burning the brush piles and moving the rocks so there won't be any delay in the starting of the construction once the plans are finalized. 

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