Dream Point Ranch
180 acres of wooded mountaintop give your wedding the beauty only nature can provide.
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Read about the latest weddings and special events at the Venue in Tulsa County's Dream Point Ranch. 

Architect and Draftsman Meeting for the New Wedding Venue

Architect and Draftsman Meeting for the New Wedding Venue

This morning we are prepping for our meeting with the architect and draftsman for the Venue at Dream Point Ranch. 

You guys, this is actually a thing! We are starting to get everything prepped and just need the final details mapped out so the builder can start on this 6,100 square foot Venue made specifically for weddings and events.

We have spent the last few weeks clearing the land, burning the brush piles and moving the rocks so there won't be any delay in the starting of the construction once the plans are finalized. 

The Best Venue for Vendors and Brides

We have also been meeting and talking with caterers, photographers and wedding planners about how to make this a great place for vendors and the brides. Some of our biggest goals are proper window placement and lighting, enviable catering kitchen, spacious bride AND groom rooms, ample parking and facility size.

We will have room for 300 guests so you can have an outdoor or indoor wedding at Dream Point Ranch and not feel like you have to limit your guest list. 

We Want to Hear from You

What would make Dream Point Ranch THE place you want be for weddings and events? Now is the time to let your voice be heard. Is there something about where you got married that you love? Did you go to a wedding once that you still think about? What was great about it?

Do you work in the wedding industry and have items important to you that make your job easier? We want to know!

Our goal is to not only share the land with you, but to help make the Venue at Dream Point Ranch a beautiful, seamless experience for vendors and brides alike. 

Share the blog with your friends and give them a chance to have a voice in how this beautiful Venue will be completed!