Dream Point Ranch
180 acres of wooded mountaintop give your wedding the beauty only nature can provide.
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Read about the latest weddings and special events at the Venue in Tulsa County's Dream Point Ranch. 

Construction Pricing

We are pinching ourselves over here at Dream Point Ranch. We knew this was one of the most beautiful places in Tulsa County. We knew we wanted to share it with others, and were affirmed with the amazingly positive response from the wedding community. To top it off, we had brides and their families that could see the vision with us and believed in it (and the views!) so much they dove in head first with us. 

In 21 days, we sold out of our promotion for the 25% off discount for the first 5 weddings booked here at the Ranch!

Dream Point Ranch Construction Pricing

To say we are grateful could never give these feelings justice! 

We want to spread that joy by giving a thank you to everyone that steps foot on this ground and sees the beauty in this vision as much as we do. Looking past the construction and helping you envision one of the most important days of your life on our little corner of heaven gives us goosebumps. 

From now until our construction is complete, we are giving every single wedding or event $1,000 off their total price.

Until November 1, 2017, the price is as follows:

  • $5,500 Saturday events
  • $4,500 Friday and Sunday events
  • $3,500 Monday through Thursday events

After November 1, 2017, the price will return to the following: Saturday events $6,500, Friday and Saturday events $5,500 and Monday through Thursday events $4,500.

We most definitely have an end date on construction as our first event is November 2-6 and our first wedding is November 11. This special won't last forever, and if our first month of promotion is any indicator, our calendar is going to fill up quickly. 

No wedding bells in your future?

What about corporate trainings? Christmas party? Fundraiser? Retreat? We are thrilled to be your go-to location for a unique destination for your special gathering. Hit us up! We would love to host you! Our activities go far beyond weddings and include numerous agritourism activities perfect for breathing new life into your special event.

It has been a flurry of activity this summer, and that positive energy is compounding and manifesting with every phone call and email we receive from people interested in celebrating here at Dream Point Ranch. 

Come be a part of this celebration of HUGE dreams and IMMENSE gratitude! Check out available dates and contact the Director of Events for more information.